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Last Updated April, 2016

Soil Testing 
Now Available

Lead Anne Arundel 2016
Thursday April 14

The LAA program goal is to help participants develop essential leadership skills, gain an awareness and understanding of county and regional issues, and acquire valuable, hands-on experience.
            With the Philosophy of “Bringing people together to build a stronger community,” LAA also provides many opportunities for self-improvement and networking through seminars, social gatherings and special events.

    It was our pleasure to once again participate in the agricultural education of up and coming leaders. We are very fortunate to have fantastic farmers in Anne Arundel County who were more than happy to open their farms and share their knowledge in order to instill a greater understanding  of this facet of the county. 

We are partnering with Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc., in Georgia, to provide our Cooperator's Soil Testing for their farms.

Please click here for instructions.

Please click here for the Soil Information Sheet

We will cover the cost of Shipping, Basic Test 2 and Organic Matter

MDA sent a News Release as a reminder to farmers with small grain cover crops about top dressing, please click the link below for access to the full article.