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Last Updated July, 2017
Soil Testing 
Now Available

Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission is looking for agricultural mentors

National Equine  Communication Center

We are partnering with Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc., in Georgia, to provide our Cooperator's Soil Testing for their farms.

Please click here for instructions.

Please click here for the Soil Information Sheet

We will cover the cost of Shipping, Basic Test 2 and Organic Matter

Are you a farmer in Anne Arundel County that would like to pass on your knowledge to new farmers in the area? If so, consider signing up for SMADC’s Mentor Match, which pairs experienced farmers with beginning farmers in Southern Maryland for one year. To read the criteria to be a Mentor, and to sign up, click here:  http://www.marylandfarmlink.com/dynamic_page.php?id=10

A new National Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) has been created to help protect horses and the horse industry from the costly and often times fatal threat of equine infectious diseases.  Working in cooperation with state animal health officials and the United State Department of Agriculture, the EDCC seeks information about current disease outbreaks from news media, social media, official state reports and veterinary practitioners. Once information is confirmed, it is immediately posted on this website and messages sent to all states, horse organizations, and listserv participants by email. Daily updates are posted until each outbreak is contained or deemed no longer a threat.

Be one of the first to know about ongoing equine disease outbreaks near you by signing up here.