District News and Updates

Last Updated October 9, 2014

The 2014 Anne Arundel County Soil Conservation District is
going to be holding our 2014 Cooperator of the Year Awards
Dinner on October 24, 2014 starting at 6:00pm. The location is:
Baywood Farms
195 Weston Farm Road,
Harwood, MD 20776

The Dinner will include presentations by SCD staff, an awards
ceremony, and meal provided by Thompsons Seafood. To RSVP,
please fill out this form and send it along with your registration
fee to Anne Arundel SCD no later than October 10, 2014.
Fields enrolled in the 2014-15 Cover Crop program must be
planted no later than November 5, 2014. Planted fields must be
reported to Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District staff within
one week of planting to receive payment. Fields reported as
planted before October 15 will receive an additional incentive
payment of $10/acre if enrolled in traditional cover crop. Contact
David Scheler at 410-571-6757 ext. 116 for additional details.

The brochure for 2014-15 Cover Crop may be viewed HERE.
The Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District welcomes a
new employee, Jacob Beschner of Sykesville, Maryland. Jacob
is a recent graduate of Geneva College, who majored in
Environmental Engineering. Jacob will primarily be reviewing
the sediment and erosion control plans for projects submitted
under the Watershed Protection and Restoration Program
(WPRP) thru the County's Department of Public Works.  His
prior experience includes numerous summer internships at
WSSC. He enjoys golfing and spending weekends at his family's
get-a-way in Deep Creek. We wish Jacob well in his new position.
The Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District would like to 
recognize YMCA's Camp Letts for its recent conservation
efforts. The Camp has recently installed a carousel heavy use
system for horses that includes covered areas for each of the
animals and protects the Camp's pastures from overgrazing.
Thank You Camp Letts for setting a fantastic example of
conservation in Anne Arundel County!