District News and Updates

Last Updated April 20, 2015

                 A FOND FAREWELL


Twenty-eight years ago, Jim Stein walked into the District office,
then located on Chinqupin Round Road and asked for a job. In
those days, the office was located in a small space that the Fish
and Wildlife Service provided. That was the last job he ever
applied for. Ronald Reagan was the President, and a gallon of
gas was 89 cents. Over the years he saw the District get picked
up by the County and worked in three different offices under
three different managers. He eventually got promoted into the
senior reviewer’s position and finally became District manager
in 2010. In 1987, when he began, erosion and sediment control
was a new concept and very few states enforced it. Now almost
every state has some level of an erosion control program. As an
avid fisherman and sailor, Jim enjoyed the Chesapeake Bay and
its resources. He understood its importance and always worked
to promote its health. Now in his retirement he plans to travel
the country in his RV looking for gold. We wish him the best in
his travels. If you would like to follow his adventures on Instagram,
search for Braidedcreek.

             2015 SPRING PASTURE WALK

The Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District, in cooperation with
the University of Maryland Extension and Horse Outreach
Workgroup, would like to invite you to attend their 2015 Spring
Pasture Walk. During this event, a host of topics relating to horses
and farm planning will be discussed and the audience will be invited
to ask questions. The event will be taking place on MAY 1, 2015,  from
9:00-11:50. For more information, please click this link or contact
Travis Gorleski at 410-571-6757 ext. 110.