AASCD Board Meeting

The next AASCD Board meeting is scheduled for March 17th from 12:30 to 2:30. The meeting will be virtual through Google Meet.

Information on how to join will be forthcoming.

Maryland Dam Safety – Virtual Workshop for Dam Owners (March 16th and 18th)

This two-day workshop will feature presentations on a number of topics and is suitable for dam owners, engineers, and local government employees. Only 1 registration is required for the event, individual meeting invites will be sent in advance of the seminars.

Microsoft Teams will be used to host the sessions.

For More Information and To Register

University of Maryland Backyard Framing/Gardening Series (Now Through April 6th)

Online workshops providing tips and tricks for vegetable gardeners.

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Anne Arundel Ag News

The University of Maryland Extension’s Winter 2021 Ag News is available at: https://extension.umd.edu/sites/extension.umd.edu/files/_docs/Newsletter%20Ag%20News%20Winter%202021.pdf

Anne Arundel County’s Countywide Biological Monitoring Program:

Every year, Anne Arundel County’s Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration samples the fish and aquatic insects in randomly selected stream reaches around the County, as a part of the Countywide Biological Monitoring Program (Program). Initiated in 2004, the Program’s purpose is to measure biological conditions as a cost-effective way to understand the overall health of County streams and rivers that drain to the Chesapeake Bay.

If you receive a letter this January, please make sure to respond to this wonderful project in order to help us get an overview of the water quality and stream health throughout Anne Arundel County! For more information or any questions on the Program, please visit https://www.aacounty.org/departments/public-works/wprp/ecological-assessment-and-evaluation/biological-monitoring/ or contact the Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration (410-222-0545) or the AASCD office (410-571-6757 ext.2336).

For additional information and a timeline go to: http://www.aascd.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Biological-Monitoring-Program.pdf

For Information on the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program – CFAP

Go to: http://www.farmers.gov/cfap

In accordance with County Executive Pittman orders, our offices will be closed to the public.
If you are an Engineering Firm, we have provided a pick-up/ drop-off box which is available from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm every weekday and is located outside the main entrance to building 2662.

Agricultural staff are available by appointment.
Our staff will continue to service the community, we ask that you allow up to 48 hours for response to voicemails
Thank you for your patience


In agriculture, the District emphasizes the importance of soil conservation and water quality, striving to have voluntary soil and water conservation plans for all working farms.  These plans help farmers optimize productivity while safeguarding their surroundings against the potential impact of poor land management.  Farmers are advised in areas that include preventing fertilizers and pesticides from draining into nearby tributaries through the use of innovative methods like cover crops and shoreline buffers.  The plans also aid farmers with issues related to conservation crop rotation and residue management.

In the area of urban development, the AASCD reviews all sediment and erosion control plans for pending construction projects in Anne Arundel County to ensure that developers take the necessary steps to manage runoff during construction to control soil erosion.