Soil Conservation District Coloring Contest

The Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District in association with the Maryland Association of Conservation Districts (MASCD) is hosting a 2021 coloring contest for elementary school students. The coloring must be done by the participating child. Please only use wax crayons. Each will be judged on neatness, attention to detail and how well directions are followed. To enter your work of art, fill out the second page with all the required information or a 3" x 5" card with the contestant's name, address, age, grade, class, county, and home number. Classes are: Class A - Kindergarten & 1st grades Class B - 2nd & 3rd grades Class C - 4th and 5th grades Send to our office at: Anne Arundel Soil Conservation Suite 150 2662 Riva Road Annapolis Maryland, 21401 First prize in each class is $25.00 Second Prize in each class is $15.00 The first place winner will be submitted at the Annual MASCD Summer Meeting for judging against all other county winners on August 2, 2021. Winner of the state contest will receive a $25.00 cash prize. Entrees must be in our office by start of business on May 24, 2021.

Click Here For Picture to Color

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Regional Farmer’s Market Opening This Fall

Road Trip!

The current farmer’s market located at the Charlotte Hall Library will move to this new site this fall, which will include a Seasonal Market with multiple vendor stalls, a year-round Value-Added Market Building, a boardwalk and viewing platform linking the Markets to the nearby Three Notch Trail, ample parking, and public restrooms. Groundbreaking occurred in January 2021 and the Farmer’s Market portion is expected to open in the Fall of 2021. For More Information Flyer
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Fertilize Your Lawn Responsibly

Maryland's lawn fertilizer law helps protect the Chesapeake Bay from excess nutrients entering its waters from lawns and other managed grassy areas. If you fertilize your lawn yourself, go to the Maryland Department of Agriculture website to learn how to prevent excess nutrients from washing off your property and into storm drains, streams and rivers that feed the Bay. https://mda.maryland.gov/SiteAssets/Pages/fertilizer/HowToFertilizeYourLawn.pdf
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