Inspired by, and building on others' endeavors, BeaverCON brings to light much of the cutting edge research showing how beaver provide necessary ecological recovery, assist with restoring threatened and endangered species, improve water quality, and provide important adaptations to climate change.
A hands-on conference made for Restoration Professionals, Land Use Managers, Road/Infrastructure Specialists, Ecologists, Engineers & BEAVER ENTHUSIASTS!
Tuesday March 8th - Thursday March 10th
Delta Hotels by Marriott Baltimore Hunt Valley
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Severn River Watershed Code Change Reminder

As of January 1, 2019 the Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District will accept a professional engineer, professional land surveyor or a licensed landscape architect signature on the consultant’s certification on sediment and erosion control plans in the Severn River Watershed. Background A consultant’s certification on a sediment and erosion control plan verifies that the sediment and erosion control measures on the plan are adequate to contain the silt and erosion. For plans within the Severn Watershed, this was required to be signed by a Professional Engineer, even though a professional land surveyor and or licensed landscape architect could develop the plan. House Bill 766 changed this process so that a professional land surveyor and or licensed landscape architect could sign the certification. The AASCD Board of Supervisors consulted with the Severn River Watershed Commission and all parties agreed to the change. It received a favorable vote at the AASCD Board of Supervisors December meeting and will take effect on January 1, 2019. New Consultant Certification Form
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Hugh Hammond Bennett: Father of Soil Conservation

From time to time, our Board of Supervisor meetings include a training session. The Supervisors took some time to learn about Hugh Hammond Bennett, who is credited as the founder of the U.S. Soil Conservation Districts. This video explores Mr. Bennett's life and impact on natural resource conservation as well as the story of how USDA NRCS came to be.
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