WIP III Strategy Meeting

Maryland Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Coming Soon

Maryland Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) strategies are being developed this year. Goals have been set by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to reduce nutrients and sediment from entering the Chesapeake Bay. The reduction in nutrients and sediment will be achieved through the installation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). These goals need to be achieved by the year 2025. The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) is hosting workshops throughout the state to develop the WIP III strategies. Local Soil Conservation Districts play a large role in achieving these goals within the agricultural community. Anne Arundel will have it’s WIP III workshop on August 30th from 1:30 to 3:30 in conference room 114 at the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Headquarters located at 50 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis Maryland 21401. All interested landowners and organizations are encouraged to attend.
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Hugh Hammond Bennett: Father of Soil Conservation

Our Board of Supervisor meetings include a training session. In May, the Supervisors took some time to learn about Hugh Hammond Bennett, who is credited as the founder of the U.S. Soil Conservation Districts. This video explores Mr. Bennett's life and impact on natural resource conservation as well as the story of how USDA NRCS came to be.
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Leadership Anne Arundel Tour

The Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District was proud to partner again with the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, Maryland Department of Agriculture, and USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service for the Leadership Anne Arundel Agriculture tour. Leadership Anne Arundel is an intense curriculum of civic information and leadership skills development. Each class includes 25 to 40 individuals who are selected for a multi-disciplinary study of Anne Arundel County. During the agriculture tour, fellows visit farms in Anne Arundel County to learn about their business and agricultural management practices. This year's tour included five stops in Southern Anne Arundel County: Leadership Anne Arundel Tour 2018 Zehner Farm – Patuxent River Road, Davidsonville Owner – Martin Zehner. Grain and Vegetable Farm This 57-acre farm was bought in 1936 by Martin Zehner’s father, a German immigrant. Formally a tobacco farm, the Zehners now grow corn, soybeans, and vegetables. Mr. Zehner was very instrumental in establishing the Riva Road Farmers market and continues to sell vegetables there with his wife, Hilda. Leadership Anne Arundel Tour 2018 Leadership Anne Arundel Tour 2018 Holiday Memories Farm – Muddy Creek Road, Churchton Owner – Gary Palmer Jr. Christmas trees, sunflowers and blueberries This 22.6-acre farm was purchased in 2014. It is established as a sustainable Christmas tree operation with over 3,600 trees of differing varieties. In 2015, Gary’s field of sunflowers was featured in a national photography magazine. The farm plans to add blueberries to their production. Holiday memories is a FSCAP Certified Steward. Obligation Farm – Solomon’s Island Road, Harwood Owner – Chris Wilson. Compost En-Tice-Ment Farm Raised Meats and En-Tice- Ment Stables Owner – Joe, Jay, and Deana Tice Horses, cattle, and poultry. The Tice family is 4th generation farmers. Involvement in 4-H encouraged the Tice’s to start in the livestock business. En-Tice-Ment Farm Raised Meats continues to grow. Their animals are given plenty of space to roam and are fed quality feed, from local feed mills or farmers. Leadership Anne Arundel Tour 2018 Greenstreet Growers – Bay Front Road, Lothian Owners – Ray and Stacy Greenstreet. Nursery Operation This 55-acre farm started out as a small “root station” to grow plants for wholesale. As the years passed, the business flourished. In 2000, Greenstreet expanded their operation into a full service, retail and wholesale nursery with the latest technology to grow and ship their plants. Leadership Anne Arundel Tour 2018 Thanksgiving Farm – Harwood Road, Harwood Owners – Doug and Maureen Heimbuch. Vineyard and Winery Thanksgiving farm is approximately 58 acres in size and was once part of a 332 acre farm called Richland. In 1954, 58 acres were sold and renamed to Thanksgiving Farm. In 1996, the Heimbuchs purchased the property and in 1998 the vineyards were planted. Thanksgiving Farm is under the Agriculture Land Preservation Program.
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